Nugget-Hitting the Extra Picky Stage

5 Jul

Well it’s here. Nugget is starting to majorly skip meals, snub her nose at past favorites, and basically drive her mama crazy with worry.  Yes she’s energetic, happy, active, etc but when she goes days without eating much except a few raw truffles I lose my mind.   I try to give a variety of food but realistically I know only about 3 of the same types of foods will be eaten everyday which makes me feel crappy about her nutrient intake.

She doesn’t even like pancakes anymore and that includes chocolate pancakes with peach sauce. Enough said!

Nugget no longer likes milkshakes either so there goes getting greens in her. She is finally on a big hemp milk kick (plain-no extras) so that’s a nice change but veggies-forget it. If its not date sweetened, fruit, or cinnamon raisin bread it lands on our adopted cockapoo’s head while he hangs out under the table. She is crazy about kalamata olives which is interesting since they’re so salty and very different from all her other favs.

So I’ve found myself making a lot of desserts to get fat into her at least. The first image shows chocolate cookies made from almonds, cashews, dates, cacao powder and a pinch of Himalayan salt. I fashion them into thumbprint cookies and then in the middle I used’s Cashew Orange Cream filling from her Transitional Foods e-book. I replaced the agave/honey option with dates. This has been a big hit for breakfast especially.

The second image is a banana cream pie which was lunch another day. The base is cashews, dates, cinnamon, and a pinch of Himalayan salt. The center is the incredibly delicious Coconut Banana Butter from Chocolate Covered Katie. Using her freezer tip I also made this on its own as a fudge snack one day for Nugget which she enjoyed.

I blame myself for Nuggets dessert addiction. When I was pregnant I started everyday with a whole batch of chocolate pancakes and maple syrup. One hour after that I would eat a second breakfast which was always a bowl of pretzels and a bowl of chocolate ganache to dip them in. I’ve created a monster.


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